»Yes, ›know‹! Men call it so, but then
Who dares to call the child by its right name?
The few who have some part of it descried,
Yet fools enough to guard not their full hearts, revealing
To riffraff both their insight and their feeling,
Men have of old burned at the stake and crucified.«
In the thinking of every human being there are blind spots. Their amazing effect can be explained with the aid of an experiment:
Shut your left eye, focus on the cross in our picture with your right eye and gradually alter the distance between you and the illustration:
As soon as you have reached the correct distance, the square will disappear; the experiment also works, if you close your right eye and focus on the square with your left eye while moving: now the cross disappears.
This partial blindness is always there, even if it normally goes unnoticed. You don't see that you can't see!
Although this experiment was restricted to visual perception, similar phenomena also exist in other areas in which information or knowledge are processed. Here the qualitative blind spots of Passive Disinformation are of special significance.
They form the basis of the most effective kind of manipulation. Those affected are not able to perceive that they are being influenced.
Das Letzte Tabu
»The Ultimate Taboo« describes the means to the most subtle and simultaneously simplest form of wielding power. The book provides you with a complete explanation of the phenomenon and its use.